H-Maps is an international digital forum in the historical study of the making, circulation, use and preservation of maps from the ancient to the contemporary period. Because of its international nature, H-Maps welcomes contributions in world languages, including (but not limited to) English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. H-Maps is a collaboration between the International Society for the History of the Map (ISHMap) and H-Net to further substantive inquiry among a growing number of global scholars with an interest in the history of maps and mapping.

H-Maps Banner
H-Maps Banner (October 2019)

The goal of H-Maps is to advance the work of scholars, curators, archivists, collectors, students, and others interested in aspects of map history of any place, scale, type, or historical period. H-Maps welcomes cross-disciplinary and non-traditional interpretations and encourages contributions related to new approaches in research,curation, teaching, and tools for analysis. H-Maps commissions and publishes reviews<br />of work relevant to the field as a part of the H-Net Book Review Project. H-Maps will announce and review conferences and exhibitions, and post calls for papers, fellowships, and employment opportunities.</p><p>

The H-Maps international advisory board and editorial team invite you to subscribe to our network and join the conversation!

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