The International Society of the History of the Map (ISHMap) is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural prizes for best paper at the ISHMap Symposium held June 12-13, 2020 as a virtual symposium. 

ISHMap 2020 was originally planned to be held at the Biblioteca Mario Andrade in São Paulo, Brazil.  While Trustees and panelists were disappointed that our first South American symposium took place online rather than in person, we have appreciated being able to share the symposium presentations with a global audience, first during the event and now through video recordings of the keynote talk, presentations and book chats.


At its 2020 Symposium, the Society announced the establishment of two prizes to be awarded for best symposium paper, one for a presenter with a terminal degree and one for a presenter without a terminal degree.  Prize winners receive an award of 150 £ and a one-year ISHMap membership.  James R. Akerman, Trustee, chaired the anonymous inaugural prize committee.

We are delighted to announce the 2020 Symposium prize winners:

Carolina Martinez, CONICET/Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina

A Case of Dislocated Toponymy? Thule Island from Pytheas to Cook’s Second Voyage of Circumnavigation (1772-1775),” has received the award for best paper delivered by a participant with a terminal degree during the society’s biennial symposium, held (virtually) on June 12-13, 2020.

Brenda Degger, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil

“The Frontier of the Known World: The Allegory of America and the Images of Artemis, XVI and Early XVII Centuries” has received the award for best paper delivered by a participant without a terminal graduate degree during the society’s biennial symposium, held (virtually) on June 12-13, 2020.

Both talks were given during Session 3: Map Fixations: Toponomies and Allegories and are available with the Symposium videos online.


Many ISHMap 2020 sessions are now availble for viewing here.  For additional information about the symposium, including the program and session abstracts, please visit the ISHMap website.

The Society extends warm thanks to local host Prof. Denise Moura (UNESP), the Symposium Organizing Committee, Moderators, and Secretaries who led an excellent two days of engaging presentations and conversations about the history of maps and mapping and to  ISHMap Society Trustee James R. Akerman, the chair of the anonymous Awards Committee.  Finally, our thanks to the speakers for their excellent presentations and agreement to share them online, and to Sebastian Díaz, Quentin Morcrette and Carmem Rodríguez for editing the symposium videos so beautifully and quickly.

In coming weeks, the Society anticipates announcing the launch of ISHMap Prize for Projects in Map History, approved by the Society’s members at the 2020 General Meeting and to be awarded in 2021, and a call for local hosts for our 2022 and 2024 Symposia. 

Jordana Dym, Chair
ISHMap Trustees

International Society for the History of the Map
Twitter: @ishmap1

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