Virtual ISHMap Symposium will be hosted in the form of a Zoom meeting.  You will find meeting attendance policies on this page. If you want detailed Zoom guidance please see our instructions page.

  1. Who may attend?
  2. Join the Symposium live
    1. Zoom link and security
    2. Meeting etiquette (Introductions, Q&A)
  3. Watch Symposium presentations later

Who may attend?

Participation is free and open with prior registration required. Click here to register.

Pre-registration will close on June 4, 2020. Those registering on June 5, 2020 or later may not be processed in time to participate in the live sessions.

Join the Symposium live

Please note: Each session can welcome up to 250 participants in addition to symposium presenters and organizers. The meeting is close to capacity; in the case of over-registration, a policy of first-come, first-served will be put in place.

If you’d like to see the talks and/or participate in breakout discussions and presentations during the symposium dates:

  1. Before June 4: Click here to register.
  2. Download Zoom to your device (laptop, tablet, cell phone)
  3. Sign in to the Zoom meeting on the day of the symposium with link received from ISHMap (see Symposium Zoom Link and Security below).
    • To connect from China, please see here for instructions on how to access Zoom.
    • Click here for additional Zoom set up guidance
  4. Follow meeting Etiquette (below) for participation Q&A.

Symposium Zoom Link and Security

  1. Registered presenters and attendees will receive the symposium meeting Zoom links and passwords 24 hours prior to the opening session.
  2. Participants will join in a waiting room, and hosts will admit people to sessions starting 5 minutes before scheduled presentations.
  3. Each session will have a chair and secretary (co-hosts) who will maintain meeting decorum, and may remove disruptive participants at their discretion.


  1. As an attendee, your audio is muted by default. So make yourself comfortable as you watch presentations! Please use video or a photo if your technology permits.
  2. Please introduce yourself by typing into the chat: your first and last names, location (country/city), and (if desired) institution when you log in.
  3. If you want to ask the speaker a question,
    1. Type the question as a private chat message to the session Session Moderator. Please plan to limit yourself to one question per talk.
    2. Questions will be selected by the Session Chair.
    3. If your question is selected, the session chair will call either ask your question for you or unmute your microphone so you may ask the question.
  4. The ISHMap Society and Organizing Committee are committed to providing a meeting that is welcoming and fosters a community of respect. Please join us in ensuring a positive experience for all participants and attendees.

Watch the Symposium later

Presentations and other material will be made available on the ISHMap website after the Symposium when permission is granted to do so.