• How may I present?
  • How do I prepare a Zoom-ready presentation (such as PowerPoint)?
  • What technology do you recommend?
  • What are the policies for recording and sharing presentations?
  • What is the meeting code of conduct?

How may I present?

ISHMap Symposium 2020 presentations will be live (synchronous) and in person. If this is a hardship, please contact Symposium organizers to seek to find a solution.

Viewers/attendees will see and hear the speaker and materials the speaker shares via ScreenShare in Zoom. Speakers will control their own presentations, which they will broadcast from their own devices.

How do I prepare a Zoom-ready presentation (such as PowerPoint)?

In general, we recommend that you follow best practices for effective media presentation. When presenting, you will use Screen Share to show your presentation. The recording will show your screen and (if desired) a small inset of yourself as presenter.

  1. Best practices: Be judicious in which and how much text you make available and make it large enough to read on a small screen. Generally recommended: identify and (if needed) define key terms, significant quotations, bibliographic information, captions for images/maps. (Advice: Don’t read your slides)
  2. Size and scope matter.
    Images (such as maps) should be legible to the audience, where possible. Consider using high resolution images and details that magnify points you will discuss and analyze.
  3. Space matters. Screens are small, multi-tasking spaces.
    Consider leaving ample margins in your presentation. Participants may have several windows open on their screens. In particular, Zoom tools may occupy the top, bottom, or sides (like a dock). Keeping margins clear will facilitate user engagement with your slides.
  4. How do you know what the presentation will look like to others ?
    Test your presentation with a friend, family member or in an ISHMap test session. Consider having someone else walk you through the slides so you can see how they look as an attendee.
    Think about the quality of your internet connection: test the presentation from a file on your laptop and also from a file uploaded to an online presentation platform (such as GoogleDrive). Are they both fast?

What technology do you recommend?

The Symposium will be hosted on Zoom. Click here for guidance on setting up Zoom for your devices and testing the program before the Symposium.

We recommend that presenters have access to a wired internet connection, comfortable seating arrangement (desk and chair), and a laptop or desktop computer. If you are participating from a shared space, we also recommend that you use a headphone/microphone.

Those with the resources may benefit from adding a second screen to be able to show both the ‘room’ (gallery) of attendees and the online presentations.

Join a Meeting Test Room to make sure your video and audio work: https://zoom.us/test

What are the policies for recording and sharing presentations?

The Symposium will be recorded and, with presenters’ consent, be made available online following the Symposium. Presentations will be deleted upon request by presenters after the Symposium.

What is the meeting code of conduct?

ISHMap is dedicated to providing a positive, supportive and harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, or nationality.

We do not tolerate harassment of Symposium participants in any form. Symposium participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled, at the discretion of the organizers. (Adapted from: https://blogs.umass.edu/cuny2020/cuny-code-of-conduct/)