• ISHMap’s virtual symposium will be hosted on

As meeting participants, you will sign in to a session hosted by ISHMap.
You do not need to have or access a Zoom account to participate in the sympossium.
If you would like to host online conversations (group chats) outside the Symposium with Zoom, you may want to set up/start using your own Zoom basic account (free).

Check out Zoom’s “Quick Start Guide for New Users” and/or follow the steps below. Links to Zoom support pages can be found on Page 2 (links live as of 4/20/2020).

Click here to go directly to Zoom website links.

  • Prepare your device(s):
    • Be sure that your device has a working camera and microphone.
    • Consider using a headset, or USB echo canceling speakerphone, especially if you are in shared space.
  • Prepare your internet connectivity
    • Test your internet speed.
    • Wired is better than wifi.
      • A WIRED (Ethernet) internet connection is more stable for video and audio, and for longer conversations.
  • Test your setup:
    • Join a Meeting Test Room to ensure that video and audio work: https://zoom.us/test
    • Try turning video and audio on and off, ‘raising a hand,’
    • Compare watching in “Speaker View” and “Gallery View“.
    • Try Zoom in Full Screen (entire screen).

Zoom tools

Become familiar with the Zoom Tool Bar (Floating Meeting Controls)
  • Become familiar the “In-Meeting Chat” (Desktop and Mobile devices)
  • Become familiar with “Reactions.”
  • Become familiar with Floating Meeting Controls (hide/show). Note that the meeting host will be able to mute/unmute and turn video on/off for participants.
Sharing Your Screen (Zoom Tutorial, English)

  • Understand how to “Share Your Screen

  • Recommended: Use computer audio — VoIP (Voice over IP or “calling from the computer/using computer audio”) — for Zoom Meetings.
  • Not recommended unless necessary: With Zoom you may also choose to use a telephone and call in through a toll-based number (select International Numbers are also available).
    • Reserve the option to dial in (cell or landline service) only if you are having issues with VoIP or your computer. Be aware that local phone carriers may reach capacity during periods of extremely high usage. If this happens, you can also try calling on a mobile phone. 
Setting up a Virtual Background
  • With a Zoom account, you can set your preferences and your profile:
  • Click on ” ‘My Profile’:
    • Upload a picture for display when you are not sharing your video
  • Click on “Settings” to: