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International Society for the History of the Map

June 12-13 2020

                                    Zoom Meeting (Supported by Skidmore College)

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June 12, 2020June 13, 2020
10:30 am Opening Session:
Welcome and Keynote
11:30 am (ca.) — Initiatives in Publishing
12:00 pm Sessions 1 and 2.
S1: Map Fixations: Borderlands
S. 2: Mapping Brazil
12:45 pm Coffee BreakBook Chat 1
13:00 pm Sessions 3 and 4
S. 3: Map Fixations:
Toponymies & Allegories
S. 4: Maps and Materiality
14:00 pm Coffee BreakBook Chats 2a/2b
14:30 pm Plenary Session:
Maps of the Invisible
10:30 am Plenary Session:
Cartographies in Community
San Francisco and São Paulo
11:30 am Coffee BreakBook Chat 3
12:00 pm Sessions 5 and 6
S. 5: Maps and the Teaching of Geography
S. 6: Disputes, War and Surveillance
13:00 pm ISHMap General Meeting
14:15 pm Sessions 7 and 8
S. 7: Mapping Across Cultures
S. 8: Mapping Movement
15:15 Coffee Break – Book Chat 4
15:45 pm Concluding Remarks
ICHC 2021
Invitation to Host ISHMap 2022


June 12, 2020

10:30 am – 12:00 pm EDT         Opening Session

07:30 San Francisco   |    09:30 Mexico City, Chicago    |   11:30 São Paulo  
15:30 London           |    16:30 Paris/Berlin                 |   23:30 Tokyo

Welcome Remarks  
Jordana Dym, ISHMap Chair, Symposium Co-organizer
Denise Moura, Symposium Co-Organizer

Keynote Address: 
Beatriz Jaguaribe (UFRJ, Dept. of Communications)
Mapping and Erasures: cartography and the imaginaries of the modern nation in Brazil

Secretaries: Q. Campbell, K. Parker, D. Weimer, I. Long

(11:30) Coffee Break/Break out:

Initiatives in Publishing

12:00 – 12:45 EDT                    Sessions 1 and 2

09:00 San Francisco |   11:00 Mexico City, Chicago           | 13:00 São Paulo        
17:00 London           |   18:00 Paris/Berlin                 | 01:00 (6/13) Tokyo

Session 1:   Map Fixations: Borderlands

Moderator: M. Edney
Secretaries: A. Camargo, I. Long

Eric Vanden Bussche, University of Tokyo (Japan)
Mapping Borderlands: New Insights on Cartographic Practices in Late Imperial China, 1880s-1890s

Mariana Pereira Gama, UFRGS (Brazil)
The cartography of José Custódio de Sá e Faria and the territorialization process of Rio Grande de São Pedro in the second half of the 18th century

Session 2:                              Mapping Brazil: Maps and Cartographers

Moderator: J. Furtado
Secretaries: P. de Carvalho, V. Ferreira

Iris Kantor (FFLCH-USP) and Beatriz Piccolotto Siqueira Bueno (FAU-USP) (Brazil)             
The New Lusitania Geographical Map: representation of urban and commercial networks (1797)

Carmem Rodrigues, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil)                                            
Faden Maps Puzzle: Maps about colonial Brazil in the British Library and “Colombia Prima” cartography

12:45 – 13:00 EDT             Coffee break and Book Chat 1

09:45 San Francisco | 11:45 Mexico City, Chicago       |  13:45 São Paulo     
17:45 London           |   18:45 Paris/Berlin                    |  01:45 (6/13) Tokyo

Book Chat 1: Atlases and History
Moderator: S. Brockmann
Secretaries: Q. Campbell, A. Camargo

Nancy Seasholes, The Atlas of Boston History (University of Chicago Press, 2019)

13:00 – 14:00 EDT                         Sessions 3 and 4

10:00 San Francisco |   12:00 Mexico City, Chicago     |  14:00 São Paulo 
18:00 London          |   19:00 Paris/Berlin                  |  02:00 (6/13) Tokyo

Session 3:   Map Fixations: Toponomies and Allegories

Moderator: K. Parker
Secretaries: P. de Carvalho, G. Chagas

Carolina Martinez, CONICET-UNSAM (LICH) (Argentina)
A case of dislocated toponymy? Thule Island from Pytheas to Cook’s second voyage of circumnavigation (1772-1775)

Manuel Detoni Flores, UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Toponymy in the Demarcation Diaries of the Madrid Treaty – a quantitative and qualitative study

Brenda Degger, UFPR (Universidade Federal do Paraná) (Brazil)
The frontier of the known world: The allegory of America and the images of Artemis, XVI and early XVII centuries

Session 4: Maps and Materiality

Moderator: B. Vannieuwenhuyze
Secretary: D. Weimer, C. Rodrigues

René Lommez Gomes UFMG (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)
A view of Antwerp alongside a manuscript map of Brazil. Building narratives with maps of Brazil in the decoration of Amsterdam residences (17th century)

Jim Akerman, Newberry Library, Chicago (US)
Maps in Promotional Brochures: Unpacking Questions of Format and Content

Lucia Pereira Pardo , The National Archives, London (UK)
Revealing the colorful palette of a 17th century mapmaker: Non-invasive chemical analysis of the pigments in Richard Bartlett’s maps of Ulster

14:00 – 14:30 EDT                   Coffee Break and Book Chat 2

11:00 San Francisco |  13:00 Mexico City, Chicago     | 15:00 São Paulo    
19:00 London         |   20:00 Paris/Berlin                   | 03:00 (6/13) Tokyo

Book Chat 2a: Mapping the Middle East
Moderator: K. Olson
Secretaries: P. de Carvalho, I. Jaber

Zayde Antrim, Mapping the Middle East (Reaktion Books, 2018)
Yossef Rapoport, Islamic Maps (Bodleian Library, 2019)

Book Chat 2b: American Knowledges
Moderator: C. Martinez
Secretaries: Q. Campbell, K. Parker

Jeffrey Alan Erbig Jr. Where Caciques and Mapmakers Met (U. of North Carolina Press, 2020)
Alex Hidalgo, Trail of Footprints (University of Texas Press, 2019)

14:30-16:00 EDT         Plenary Session                  

Maps of the invisible:
memories, narratives and cartography of multiple conflicts    

11:30 San Francisco |  13:30 Mexico City, Chicago | 15:30 São Paulo      
19:30 London            |  20:30 Paris/Berlin   | 03:30 (6/13) Tokyo  

Moderator: J. Furtado
Secretary: C. Rodrigues

Click here for panel description, paper abstracts, and author bios.

Plínio Temba da Costa (UFMG)
The study of Geological Slip Risk in Vila Cafezal, Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais using Cartography and Innovative digital technologies:                                                

* Samuel Ayobami Akinrulli (UFMG / INSOD)
Historic Cartography and GIS Geoprocessing as Data Analysis Source for the Economics of Culture: the value of heritage before mining activities in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero-Aquífero region of Brazil 

Jorge Eremites de Oliveira  (UFPel)
Little water for many Indians: Ethnoarchaeology of the Guató Indigenous Land and its surroundings in the Pantanal region, Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

* Luana Carla Martins Campos Akinruli (UFMG / INSOD)
The Fazenda dos Caldeirões, The Fábrica Patriótica, The Inconfidência Mineira: the historic cartography and geoprocessing of the steelmaking territory in Brazil

Carlos Magno Guimarães (UFMG)
Inconfidência Mineria: The Cartography of an historical movement on a motion

* Panel Coordinators

JUNE 13, 2020 (Saturday)

** 10 AM EDT — H-Maps Presentation (moved from June 12 at 11:30 AM EDT).**

10:30-11:30 am EDT        Plenary Session     
Cartographies in Community           

07:30 San Francisco   |    09:30 Mexico City, Chicago    |   11:30 São Paulo  
15:30 London           |    16:30 Paris/Berlin                 |   23:30 Tokyo

Moderator: D. Moura
Secretaries: P. de Carvalho, G. Chagas

Kate Connell, Oscar Melara and Sofia Vivanco Airaghi (US)
Can We Build a Collective Cultural Life in Southeast San Francisco?

Carolina La Terza, Rede Nossa São Paulo (Brazil)
Inequality Map – How to use maps as tools to highlight and draw attention to inequalities?

11:30 am -12:00 pm  EDT         Coffee Break             

08:30 San Francisco   |    10:30 Mexico City, Chicago    |   12:30 São Paulo  
16:30 London           |    17:30 Paris/Berlin                 |   00:30 (6/14) Tokyo

Book Chat 3: New Models
Moderator: B. Mundy
Secretaries: C. Rodrigues, Q. Campbell

Matthew Edney, Cartography: The Ideal and its History (U. of Chicago Press, 2019)
Matthieu Noucher, Les petites cartes du Web (Rue de l’Ulm, 2017) and “The Face Names of French Guiana in face of the GeoWeb

12:00 – 13:00 pm EDT                Sessions 5 and 6           

09:00 San Francisco |   11:00 Mexico City, Chicago     | 13:00 São Paulo                    
17:00 London       |   18:00 Paris/Berlin                  | 01:00 (6/14) Tokyo

Session 5:   Maps and the Teaching of Geography

Moderator: A. Doré
Secretary: B. Degger, P. de Carvalho

Kory Olson Stockton University (US)
A Scientific Approach to Making Maps: Parlier’s 1907 Méthode de cartographie, cartes à main levée et de mémoire tracés rapides

Carla Lois, CONICET / UBA (Argentina)
Teaching and learning geography by drawing maps. Instructions and exercises for teachers and students in late 19th – mid-20th century school texts

Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann, UMR8173 Chine-Corée-Japon, CNRS-EHESS (France)
Teaching Geography to the Japanese Community in Latin America: A Manuscript Copy (1886) of Yamada Yukimoto’s Printed World Map (1879-1883) 

Session 6:                  Disputes, Wars and Surveillance

Moderator: Q. Morcrette
Secretary: I. Jaber, I. Long

Junia Furtado, UFMG (Brazil)
The War of Salvador City (1624-25) in a new cartographical perspective: The Dutch and Luso-Spanish disputes in maps

Lucía Rodríguez Arrillaga (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Time throughout space: the cartography of the boundary demarcation commissions of the Río de la Plata region as “horizons of expectations” (1777-1801)

Sebastian Díaz Angel (Cornell University, USA/Colombia)
Lobbying for real-time-mappings: cartographic ideologies and surveillance technologies for counterinsurgency operations in the Third World during the 1960s

13:00 – 14:00 pm EDT               ISHMAP General Meeting                  

10:00 San Francisco |   12:00 Mexico City, Chicago     |  14:00 São Paulo   
18:00 London            |   19:00 Paris/Berlin                   |  02:00 (6/14) Tokyo 

Chair, ISHMap Trustees: J. Dym Secretary: I. Jaber
Secretary, ISHMap Trustees: C. Lois
Treasurers, ISHMap Trustees: K. Parker, D. Weimer

Open to all members of the International Society for the History of the Map

14:15 – 15:00 pm EDT                Sessions 7 and  8                   

11:15 San Francisco |   13:15 Mexico City, Chicago     |  15:15 São Paulo 
19:15 London          |   20:15 Paris/Berlin                  |  03:15 (6/14) Tokyo

Session 7:   Mapping Across Cultures

Moderator: D. Weimer
Secretaries: C. Rodrigues, B. Degger

Roberto Chauca (FLACSO Sede, Quito, Ecuador)
Can the Subaltern Speak in Amazonia’s Early Modern Cartography?

Denise Moura (UNESP, Brazil)
Macro-jê ethnolandscape and cartography in the backlands of South Brazil

Session 8:   Mapping Movement

Moderator: C. Martínez
Secretaries: I. Long, V. Ferreira

Anthony Mullan (retired, Library of Congress (US)
Creating Urban Spaces on the Frontier of the Spanish Empire: Galveztown, Louisiana (1779) and Nueva Orán, Argentina (1794)

Patrícia Gomes da Silveira (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, Brazil)
Mapping the circulation of goods in the captaincy of Minas Gerais (Brazil) in the seventeenth century

15:00-15:40 00 pm EDT Coffee Break and Book Chat IV

12:00 San Francisco |   14:00 Mexico City, Chicago     |  16:00 São Paulo   
20:00 London            |   21:00 Paris/Berlin                  |  04:00 (6/14) Tokyo

Book Chat 4: The Global Imperial
Moderator:  K. Parker
Secretaries: A. Camargo, B. Degger

Andréa Doré Cartografia da promessa (Intermeios, 2020)
Ricardo Padrón, The Indies of the Setting Sun (University of Chicago Press, 2020)
Katharina Piechocki, Cartographic Humanism (University of Chicago Press, 2020)

15:45-16:00 pm EDT                Concluding Remarks

12:45 San Francisco |   14:45 Mexico City, Chicago     |  16:45 São Paulo 
20:45 London          |   21:45 Paris/Berlin                  |  04:45 (6/14) Tokyo

ISHMap Symposium Co-Chairs Secretaries: I. Jaber, C. Rodrigues
Jordana Dym and Denise Moura

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